Weekly connected conversations for curious, open-minded women who want to become kinder to themselves. 


Have you ever listened to the way you talk to yourself when you're overwhelmed? 

What is wrong with you? You can't even get the dishes done by the end of the day. You're behind deadline, again, but you kept wandering off to talk with people instead of making your eyes focus on the computer screen. The family needs dinner and you haven't planned ahead. And when was the last time you did laundry? Seriously, you're such a failure. 

Dearest kind and quirky women in midlife, 

Write down the monologue in your head. Right now. Exactly like it sounds. Write down 5 minutes of the things you say to yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed and tired, berating yourself for not doing enough. For not being good enough. 

Read it out loud to yourself. 

Truly, listen to the way you're talking to yourself. 

Are you being kind to yourself? 

Next, take that same piece of writing and imagine reading it to your kid. Don't actually read it to your kid. I bet you wouldn't even dare. You know that if you read the monologue in your head to your 8-year-old daughter or 15-year-old son, you'd crush them. Crush them. 

Why are you talking to yourself like this? 

Try this experiment. 

become more curious. 

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Everything is made better with a can of white paint.

Who taught you to be so unkind to yourself? 
Are the harsh statements you're flinging at yourself even true? 
Who are you serving by talking to yourself like this?
Would you like to change the way you see yourself in the world? 

let go of
old stories.

Make time for your delights.

your challenges.

If you join one of the women’s circles at the School of Kindfulness, and you commit to being kind, open-minded, and curious about yourself and the women you meet there, then you will find yourself transformed, as the months go by. 

I build the container for authentic, vulnerable conversations and lead you toward revelations and mindset changes over time. You’ll create the symphony of stories that will emerge naturally, over time, as you start to know one another.

I’ll be the conductor, keeping time and guiding us toward a unified creative vision in our conversations. 

I’m Shauna James Ahern and I'm passionate about helping women to let go of their old stories and start to live with more delight, kindfully. 

  • Join any or all of the women's circles that resonate with you. Pop in and out whenever you can. 

  • Attend any of the mini workshops offered here twice a month.

  • Participate in all the channels of conversation on the School of Kindfulness forum. 

  • Connect with other members at the members-only meeting on the last Sunday of the month. 

  • Plus! Receive all the recipes I'll be sharing every week in the women's food circle. 
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If you're a woman who wants to become more mindful and wants a group of women to practice with...

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If you're a woman who delights in food and still doesn't know what's for dinner... 


When you're part of a women's circle here, you'll slowly learn 4 mindset changes that will help you to create a life of ease and delight. 

  • You can connect with yourself more kindfully, which will allow you to connect with others in expanding kindness. 

  • You can pay more attention to what gives you delight to release yourself from being overwhelmed. 

  • You can learn how to let go of the limiting stories you have been telling yourself, which cause your overwhelm. 

  • You can embrace the challenges that will help you to grow, by taking small, repeated actions, playfully, to create the life you want. 

These are SKILLS you can develop, like playing the guitar or driving a car. Like any skill, these mindset changes require mindful practice, small steps, and the patience to continue moving forward. Connecting with a group of like-minded women — doing this work together — makes this process easier and more delightful. 


How you will change for the better by connecting in a circle. 

You belong here.

“I’ve had the absolute joy of working with Shauna in her program and it has been life-changing. I consistently found that Shauna’s exceptional listening skills and heartfelt compassion were the ideal catalysts for the transformative facilitation she provided in every session. 

Working with Shauna, I felt deeply valued and gently but powerfully guided. I recommend her very highly.” 
—Mary O'Donohue

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Only connect! 

"Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer."
—E.M. Forster, Howard's End